About Us

Vouch For You is a Not-for-Profit online marketplace selling vouchers from Australian small businesses – built by two Aussie small business owners who know that “cashflow” is a scary term right now for a lot of businesses across Australia.  

Born out of a desire to help small businesses during COVID-19, Vouch For You connects small businesses with their customers (and potentially thousands of new ones) to offer their products/services.

Thousands of Australian businesses were forced to close their doors, which highlighted the need for these businesses to sell online, to innovate and grow their market.  These business owners are smart, savvy and hard-working Australians, with incredible products and services – but no one could have prepared for what we have seen over the past year – drought, then bushfires, then COVID.

We believe in human kindness and loyalty; but we also know that everyone has their own story, their own pressures to face – people are mostly “charitied out”.  Our platforms benefits each stakeholder in the process, in a real and tangible way.

This is not charity, this is cashflow.

At the heart of the business, Vouch For You champions individual customer service, please contact us with any queries at